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I want to start out by saying that this website is designed with one goal. To help become the best YOU can be! An individual can be extremely booksmart,know all the codes, bend conduit or wire a house in their sleep. But without the drive and desire to be one of the top electricians or electrical contractors in your chosen area of expertise you will become just another statistic in this industry. You may be one of the industries "use and abuse" electricians, asking yourself, I don't get it. I can bend conduit faster than the next guy, why me?

Take a look at yourself...

Building on your own character,desires,beliefs and values,if they are good ones, will get you to the top faster than you can imagine.

I am talking about self improvement, becoming self motivated and the applied science of self discipline.
I have seen many electricians and contractors come and go over my 30 years in the business and the ones that have been around the longest, made it through the layoffs,recieved raises and bounses are the ones that practice some, if not all, of what I mentioned above.

This site is about Electrical Education & You !


Not many electricians get to see what I do during a normal work day. Some carry conduit all day, some dig ditches, some tell others what to do and some don't do anything.

My website is to help those who want to learn more and expand in their careers not only through technical skills, but personal skills as well. This is where Sparky U Online comes in!


"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"
-- Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicist

There is so much to learn in the electrical industry and I can't teach it all. But I can certainly expand your knowledge through videos, articles and a up coming forum. Not only have I studied the theory and technical books about the industry I have read over 300 business and personal development books. I had a hard time understanding why a electrician could be so damn good at his craft all the while not able to hold a job or get along with others. So I started my quest reading about why people do the things they do.


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"hello sparky,

I just ran across your youtube and website, and was very impressed. I have to say its nice to see someone doing something about this, than bitch about it..."
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