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Don't Use This....

wiring method!I have posted this video to aid you in troubleshooting. By useing the ground as a netural,not only is it against code, it creates a safety danger to the homeowner as well as the electrician serviceing this home.The potential of the metal parts of the light fixture can be energized should the netural at the switch box become loose or disconnected.On a larger scale if the netural is faulty at the service the complete grounding system could become energized.


Reading blue prints.... 

is a very important part of doing your job correct.There are several pages in a set of drawings besides the "E" sheets.When working on most projects there should be a city approved set of prints available to you.You should have the knowledge to interpret all pages of these prints.Most electricians just look at the "E" sheets and wire thier projects,but a well informed electrician will have a good general over knowledge of the complete project before they start.This video is the A-2 sheet of a remodeld home being built.Take a look and you may just pick up on something new.




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